Pattern name [balls]:Description of clip:Downloads:
J-Move [2] A 2b mindbender by Jay Gilligan. Cool. (106k) (119k) (88k)
Two in one hand I [2] A variation of the T.I.O.H. with "penguin-catches". (311k) (499k) (262k)
Two in one hand II [2] Another variation of the T.I.O.H. with bounces against the other hand. (248k) (954k) (208k)
Two ball arms crossed [2] A little tricky thing if you havn't done it before. (104k) (69k) (83k)
2x2x [2] an added version of front/back swaps. Are they really 2x?.. hm. (588k) (588k) (k)
501 [2] The trick also known as the "Two ball terrorist" as it can piss off even the most confident sevenball juggler. (313k) (368k) (264k)
backcrosses [3] Pretty good trick (maybe not the performance), be careful before trying the 5b version. (407k) (689k) (344k)
behind back start I [3] A goodie to start with, or put into your three ball routine. (300k) (502k) (252k)
behind back I [3] Another version of the behind back-theme. (548k) (887k) (463k)
behind back II [3] Throw all the balls from one side crossed behind your back. (546k) (950k) (461k)
behind back III [3] Throw a ball back and switch them ball behind your back. After that without the switch. (386k) (616k) (325k)
behind back IV [3] All balls thrown goes over the same shoulder. Looks great if it's done really smooth. (328k) (656k) (276k)
behind back variation [3] A bad cut of combinated different backthrows. (260k) (1078k) (219k)
Behind the neck [3] Found this as a substitute for something more difficult, I may have seen it somewhere else too. Get a decent haircut, you may say. (562k) (1149k) (475k)
(the) Box [3] A short example of the Box. Colin E - stylee, just for fun. (238k) (52k) (172k)
(the) Box variation [3] A throw I found that eventually brought me to the 3b mess. (517k) (685k) (436k)
Burkes barrage [3] Burkes as Dancey teaches it. (443k) (783k) (374k)
carry [3] A goodie, took me a really long time to get going (not even 1-2 throws). (437k) (466k) (344k)
(the) Chainsaw(?) [3] An easy 3b mux, that really gives one hand a lot of emptyness. The name... I don't know. (409k) (226k) (553k)
(the) Cherrypicker [3] A good 3b trick. Tricky at first. (366k) (546k) (309k)
Chops I [3] Non-continuous chops, I like them, I've used it for music-sync. (321k) (495k) (270k)
(cont.) Chops II [3] Good trick, can be done really fast. (378k) (592k) (319k)
Contortionist [3] A twister. (350k) (569k) (295k)
Cyclo I [3] A little trick I've learned from a friend (tobbe). Does it have another name? (419k) (904k) (354k)
Cyclo II [3] ...same here. (780k) (1696k) (659k)
Double box [3] First showing a shapedistorted version of this one, call it a boxvariation. (526k) (908k) (444k)
(fast) Factory [3] An own fast version of the factory. (388k) (372k) (327k)
(Square) Factory [3] A variation of the factory that I think look good with glowballs in the dark. (557k) (717k) (471k)
Fake mess [3] ...or is it 'false'? This have been seen on several different places on the net. Well, now I got it too... (562k) (671k) (387k)
Fork(s) [3] A little demonstration of the fork catch, with a pattern learned from Maksim K, thanks. (254k) (417k) (214k)
Fork swap(?) [3] A really cool pattern directly from Maksim K, he rocks. (481k) (846k) (405k)
Friis frenesi [3] A shape distortion of 3b mm, named by me after my friend A.Friis wich introduced it to me. (371k) (351k) (313k)
half mess [3] A variation I found of the mess that I havn't seen before, anyone? (321k) (300k) (270k)
HiLo shower junior [3] Watch your neck... Is this a good name for this one? (311k) (613k) (262k)
Inverted box [3] Some really cool moves if I may say, I found them out as a result of watching Jay Gilligan do something similar. (509k) (879k) (430k)
Inverted factory [3] A slightly different factory I found that really doesn't look that good either. :-) (417k) (411k) (352k)
J-shower (?) [3] Has it got a name? Learned it in a workshop from Jay Gilligan, at NJC 2000 in Norway. (254k) (233k) (214k)
J-Crosser [3] Ops, quite a few things from Jay Gilligan, he did this with clubs. Name? (604k) (666k) (477k)
Lukes shuffle [3] A fast 3b trick. Kind of related to the box. (400k) (595k) (338k)
mills mess var. I [3] A few rounds in the standard mills mess, with quite an easy boxthrow variation. (Also works with 4, and 5...) (460k) (438k) (389k)
mills mess var. II [3] All catches (and throws) made with palm facing down (claw). (304k) (483k) (256k)
mills mess 441 [3] Seen Maksim K. do it. When I got it, I lived a weekend on the feeling. (370k) (420k) (258k)
Olas (!) [3] A trick of my own that I like really much, ends off with a variation. (653k) (1267k) (553k)
Olas oordning [3] A little thing of my own that it really just a combination of some wide moves. Nothing to it. (673k) (506k) (582k)
Orbit [3] Good one, be sure to combine it with Rubensteins revenge too. (422k) (735k) (356k)
Over the shoulders [3] An interesting pattern that can be done backwards with just a little more work. Thanks Rafael. (381k) (762k) (321k)
Pendulum [3] Beautiful trick, almost as good as the factory, quite tricky to learn. (453k) (783k) (383k)
(the) Penguin [3] Some mixed p-catches and then the dreaded "Penguin". A little tricky to learn. (535k) (889k) (452k)
Penguin split (?) [3] A alternatic pattern found by me, with help from Rafael. Looks special. (720k) (1363k) (608k)
quarter mess [3] Also known under the name "crossed arms reverse cascade". Looks good I think. (304k) (395k) (256k)
Rubensteins revenge [3] Two variations: First my interpretation of how Dancey teaches it, second a little more as Rubenstein himself does it (well, not exactly). (873k) (1517k) (739k)
shower [3] This is quite a fast run of the 3b shower. Hard to believe that it's really 5's. I also find the low 4b version (71) really neat. (303k) (1106k) (256k)
(both side) Slam [3] A really relaxing pattern. Practice it both ways before (lukes) shuffle. (386k) (586k) (325k)
(slow) shuffle [3] A slow version of the shuffle. (366k) (544k) (309k)
(the) shuffle [3] Shuffling cards? Ever tried the 4b version? (373k) (548k) (315k)
sync shower [3] Throw simultaneously. (207k) (181k) (174k)
sync shower var. [3] I think I got it from Jay Gilligan, a nice move. (350k) (327k) (294k)
Tornado [3] A little tricky at first, but then it's ok. See orbit. (340k) (536k) (286k)
Under the hand [3] Not so difficult. (325k) (512k) (275k)
Under the leg [3] A trick for the beginner. :-) (159k) (292k) (133k)
Weaver [3] Near related to Burkes barrage. (432k) (743k) (364k)
Windmill (false shower) [3] A good trick easily accessible from 3b mm as can be seen. (352k) (336k) (297k)
1-up 2-up [3] A classic beginners pattern, here with a crossed-arms-twist. Little unsteady ending. (436k) (684k) (369k)
3 in one hand I [3] Three balls in one hand. Doesn't fail to impress in a three ball routine. Don't forget to practice your left hand too. (402k) (636k) (340k)
3 in one hand II [3] A "cheat" version of three in one hand. Try splitting them alot and go to the real one (60). (328k) (486k) (276k)
3 in one hand forkmultiplex [3] A really strange multiplex I found out myself, it's important NOT to make the stacked balls vertically aligned. (402k) (643k) (340k)
Four four one [3] A trick I really like, here weaved into a 3b casc. Ends off with a outside variation. (694k) (1156k) (588k)
51414 [3] Continuous direction changes of the 3b shower. (345k) (663k) (290k)
531 [3] One of my first siteswaps, a must for mastering 7531 and 97531 :-) (505k) (976k) (426k)
5511 [3] A little siteswap that really can't be that hard. (386k) (650k) (325k)
615114 [3] A special 3b siteswap that I learned after it had shown up at rec.juggling . Make it alternate symmetrically with 6151134. (445k) (862k) (377k)
66111 [3] Practice for 6b? Naahh... (273k) (524k) (229k)
711 [3] A little tricky coldstart entering. Quite a neat threeball'er anyway. (447k) (537k) (354k)
70701 [3] A little tricky threeball'er because of the 7's. (407k) (810k) (344k)
8040 [3] A weird 3b in one hand, difficult to keep the 4's low. (335k) (882k) (282k)
801 [3] Feels kinda like 501, strange :-) I like it. (449k) (442k) (356k)
back split [4] Looks impressive with two balls continuous over the shoulder. Not that hard either, the split can be thrown blind, right? (636k) (1341k) (538k)
behind back start II [4] A neat start or as a part of a 4b routine, remember to snatch the two lowest balls really quick and early. (231k) (499k) (194k)
box I [4] A version of the box as Dancey described it, not my favourite. Make those low swaps a little wider than mine. (369k) (769k) (311k)
box II [4] This is "the real" 4b box if you ask me, a goodie. Feels a little like 66161. (299k) (682k) (252k)
box III [4] A silly version that I came up with, It helps if you got big hands (as me). (458k) (1015k) (387k)
Dancey's devilment [4] One of my favourite 4b tricks, close to impossible to follow, even when I watch myself doing it. (499k) (1063k) (421k)
Dancey's light [4] A really easy 4b multiplex I found out. I called it Dancey's light, because it came to me when learning Dancey's devilment. (443k) (949k) (374k)
fake shower [4] Fake shower, havn't heard that one before eh? This one won't impress an audience, in fact, I don't know who it will impress. (338k) (744k) (284k)
Finish [4] A finish of 4b that ends up in a little pyramid in one hand. (260k) (128k) (178k)
half mess [4] Yes, the mess'es are fully compatible. This might be a good mess-variation. (354k) (772k) (299k)
halfshower [4] The classic "arc-with-balls-over-clowns-head-trick". Start with a wimpy, and throw the highest ball outside instead, then try make it 53. (465k) (965k) (393k)
HiLo shower senior [4] So, how about the name? The high ones tend to drift away I think. (490k) (263k) (387k)
mills mess [4] Ok, here it is. A beautiful trick, with my favourite mux-start. (495k) (1057k) (417k)
mills mess 53 throw [4] It's just a 53 throw in a 4bmm. Master this both ways and you can easily learn mills mess 534, wich is a beauty. (285k) (613k) (239k)
Pistons [4] Transitions between circular/columns, async and sync, finally to two pair of balls on each side of you. (576k) (1231k) (487k)
quarter mess [4] Also known under the name "crossed arms reverse fountain". Some hard shit. (381k) (810k) (321k)
Rubensteins revenge [4] Hrrmm, is this possible?! I can't tell for sure but it feels like it could be. Well, I gave it a shot. (Do I have to say the last ball wasn't caught?) (226k) (487k) (190k)
shower reverse [4] Enter 56 to 71 shower, reversing 61616, a little more 71 and exiting 6151 to 4. (462k) (997k) (391k)
(Four ball) Slam [4] A way of doing a "slamming" move with 4 balls. I suspect you can evolve this to 4b shuffle. Maybe later. (281k) (138k) (215k)
split shower [4] Variation on the 4b shower, look good I think. (433k) (944k) (367k)
tennis [4] The classic. Speaks for itself. (555k) (1154k) (469k)
wimpy pattern [4] Remember to let one hand throw slightly higher :-) (385k) (786k) (325k)
4 in one hand [4] Have this solid in both hands, and you're in for the 8b fountain qualification. (313k) (839k) (264k)
53 [4] A good siteswap to master when working on 4b routines. (364k) (749k) (307k)
534 [4] This is a natural step after mastering single 53 throws both ways with 4b. (584k) (1296k) (493k)
561 [4] Something had to be done with the zero in 501: throw 6's at it... (611k) (731k) (485k)
5551 [4] This clip also shows 55514, a messy pattern that looks like a constant save. (660k) (1494k) (559k)
552 [4] They say it's good for practicing 5b, anyway it's got a nice rythm. (376k) (836k) (317k)
(6x,2x)(2x,6x) [4] What can I say... I'm not a master of this pattern. (325k) (903k) (275k)
66161 [4] A siteswap that feels like the async version of the 4b box II. (357k) (774k) (301k)
66611 [4] 4b version with alot of 6's. Maybe not so useful to your 6b fountain as you might think. (417k) (905k) (352k)
7531 [4] A cool thing to practice if you want to take the 3ball 531-siteswap to the next level. (337k) (884k) (284k)
7161616 [4] Continuous direction changes of the 4b shower. (475k) (1313k) (401k)
741 [4] Nice rythm but oh, so hard to keep the 4's low. (446k) (445k) (354k)
777111 [4] A silly siteswap for training 7 and multiple 1's. (368k) (808k) (311k)
5b mux backcrosses [5] A backcrossed version of [32] (i think). (591k) (845k) (469k)
behind back start III [5] A hard trick, a stand-alone'er, I think. Open stage stuff? (347k) (525k) (275k)
casc. (2+2 stack) [5] Many balls, need big hands. Try to combine it with 5b split. (290k) (849k) (244k)
Gattos Multiplex [5] A little simple multiplex into a 5b casc. Not as hard as the name implies. (403k) (236k) (198k)
(cont.) Gattos Mux. [5] You can get some messy shit if you alter it (rather) continuously, like this. (423k) (246k) (288k)
halfshower [5] My version of the halfshower, the 73 version is a toughie. (362k) (861k) (306k)
Headcatch II [5] This is not as hard as it looks, try it, It impresses everyone. (416k) (1178k) (352k)
Headcatch III [5] This is a little harder than it looks, try it, try again, and again, and again, and again... (502k) (1406k) (424k)
Martin [5] An easy 5b mux, looks ok. (516k) (1296k) (436k)
mills mess [5] Oops, did I do that? Don't believe everything Dancey writes about it. It's hard, but not impossible. (333k) (799k) (280k)
mills mess multiplex [5] This is a mills mess like multiplex pattern that is way easier than the 5bmm. Made it myself. Finishes off with the windmill. (868k) (1971k) (736k)
reversed cascade [5] A short demonstration of the reversed casc. Can be used to enter the 5bMM. (282k) (659k) (237k)
shower reversing [5] I wanted to have this in the collection, but as can be seen, my lefthanded 5b shower isn't that solid (yet). (485k) (1425k) (409k)
shower enter/exit [5] Enter 678 to 91 shower, exiting by 817161. Have I seen this before..? :-) (431k) (1151k) (364k)
split [5] Easy and good moves with five balls. Three variations shown. Helped me finding the 5b MM mux. (707k) (1642k) (598k)
1-up 4-up [5] An easy 5b trick that looks good, two variations. (616k) (1676k) (522k)
3b mux-throw. [5] Cool trick, try make a (jump)start from 4[222] to 5 with it. (357k) (961k) (301k)
3 to 5 to 3 [5] A transition from 3 to 5 and back to 3 again. Dancey mentions it, and it's a nice thing. (684k) (1350k) (579k)
5 in one hand [5] A flash, useful to practice in both hands before 10b flash. (263k) (713k) (221k)
64 [5] A hard way to juggle 5, or easier? I'm hoping to get a higher ceiling next time. Well, I almost got it (LH/RH: 10/12 catches). (578k) (325k) (313k)
66661 [5] I like this pattern, good for training 6b. Try transitions between the 5b casc. and back. (361k) (930k) (306k)
75751 [5] An easy 5b trick, Two 7's and a 1 with one hand and the other hand never stops throwing 5's. (287k) (773k) (241k)
7562 [5] A quite easy 5b siteswap. (263k) (716k) (221k)
771 [5] Enter by 66 exit with 661. The pattern isn't that beautiful, but I just recently got it so... (can u tell?) (485k) (1240k) (409k)
777171 [5] A messy siteswap I tripped over when trying to invent a new 5b trick. How about that start? (457k) (1171k) (387k)
777711 [5] Practice for 7? Maybe. (378k) (981k) (319k)
97531 [5] A cool 5b trick. Hmm, where have I seen this one...?.. (316k) (845k) (266k)
async fountain [6] In my opinion, enough catches for a performance-run. (405k) (1114k) (342k)
casc. (2*3 stack) [6] A lot of balls, an easy way of juggling 6. (299k) (913k) (252k)
casc. (2 stack) [6] If you want to take your 5b casc. to the next level. Rumors says Michael Ferguson did it with 5*2 balls. (278k) (749k) (233k)
halfshower [6] A really nice pattern, wich is here started from the wimpy. (502k) (630k) (398k)
shower [6] Ok, it's 10 catches but, as can be seen, with a master-collission at the end. (504k) (1345k) (369k)
sync fountain [6] A few rounds in the sync fountain. Async is nicer. (361k) (991k) (306k)
wimpy pattern [6] Some may find this easier to use when trying 6b. (256k) (705k) (215k)
777771 [6] I find it a good practice for 7b. You can really feel the difficulty sink with the one missing ball. (314k) (857k) (264k)
(7b) cascade [7] 43 catches (yes, that last ball was catched). (838k) (918k) (665k)
multiplex [7] Need an easy seven ball trick? This is a little tricky at first but way easier than the cascade. (304k) (825k) (256k)
flash [8] Maybe I should work a little on those columns...hrm. (202k) (555k) (169k)
flash [9] It's a little unbalanced. But besides that I tried to make a Boppo-stylee finish. (686k) (1964k) (582k)
flash 1 [10] A mix of the sync fountain and wimpy. Not so clean, but anyway... with a Jason Garfield-style finish. (769k) (1308k) (651k)
flash 2 [10] A cleaner version, and finally async fountain, with my fergies, phew. (635k) (676k) (504k)